A History of Disrespect

In “honor” of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny, I have been re-linking to my now somewhat (in)famous editorial for Daily Grindhouse about The Weinstein Company’s campaign to marginalize and minimize Asian action cinema … only to find that the Daily Grindhouse site is M.I.A. … maybe temporarily, maybe forever. In any case, thought
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Martial Arts in Media Summer 2014

Notice anything different about the headline? Yes, the day has finally arrived. Although I have maintained this monthly column for Inside Kung-Fu magazine and on this site for decades, the martial art movie is in such dire straits — from Chinese Government interference to American studio sabotage, as well as the general creeping generic action
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Films of Fury DVDelay

I know, I know…! I saw the huge lines outside all the DVD stores this morning, stretching back blocks — all the fans cosplaying their kung fu film favorites: Bruce Lee in Game of Death, Lo Lieh as Pei Mei in Executioners from Shaolin, Gordon Liu as Pei Mei in Kill Bill Part 2, Jackie
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Delayed Double Feature: Part 1

I been busy. San Diego Comic Con. San Diego Comic Con Superhero Kung Fu Extravaganza. World Premiere of Films of Fury: The Kung Fu Movie Movie. Kung Fu Meltdownaganzaagogo at Meltdown Comics’ Nerdist Space on Sunset Blvd. Recording my up-coming (8/16/11) appearance on Comedy Film Nerds podcast. Hanging at Just Cause’s motion capture studio in
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36th Chamber 1/10

Dateline America – Flash! Breaking News! Straight out of New York comes this dire report: “The American people are under attack. Held hostage by a totalitarian regime
 based in Hollywood that insists on torturing them with terrible movies inspired 
by toys and old TV shows in clear violation of their human rights. America¹s citizens cry
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