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  1. Greg Moss

    Hi there Ric,

    I’m a big fan of the movie Saturn 3 and I run a blog devoted to the making of the film called ‘Something Is Wrong On Saturn 3’. I started the site with the idea of setting the record straight – as far as John Barry’s treatment on the film was concerned – and I know he was a good friend of yours. I read your article ‘Saturn 3 Means Never Having To Say You’re Sorry’ in Famous Monsters (issue 164) and noted with interest that you conducted the last known interview with John before he passed away. I have tried tracking this interview down – but to no avail – and so I was wondering (if it’s not too much trouble) – if you might have a copy of it I could use as further background info on John for my blog.

    I appreciate you are a busy man, but figured it might be worth a try.

    Thank you for your time.

    Greg Moss

  2. Kirk Allen

    I’m sorry but I messed your recommendations on Comedy film nerds. But is there a must see list of kung fu or martial art movies on netflix instant watch now

  3. alan venable

    i really enjoy your interview you had with jim kelly and jim was talking about great karate fighters that bruce would beat in sparring sessions that jim would not say who they were!!! I saw interviews with chuck norris and he seems to me like he won’t say or admit to if bruce was better them him. Chuck seems to have big ego and keep saying he was grand champion at the time and that him and bruce would not go there as far as who was the best!!! i laugh hard at that when i heard him say that in the interview!! But i have a feeling that he was one on the artist that when bruce lee was alive chuck norris was getting his ass kicked in sparring!!! I bet he could not touch him in real fighting(sparring sessions) My question is : Am i right???? Was Chuck Norris (Bob Wall Also Seem to have a big ego) One of the Grand Champions getting there ass whip by Mr Lee!!!!!

  4. alan venable

    Mr meyers you seem to be a bad ass yourself . i dont know yur maritial arts back ground??? Can you share alittle with me.

  5. michael

    I just wanted to send you a thank you note.In January of 2012 I was in Atlantic city for the mega martial arts expo. Meeting you and having the wonderful conversation we had about movies and comic books was the high light of my trip. My mother had passed away just two months before after a long battle with cancer.meeting you,Phil Morris,Martin kove and Stephen Hayes gave me a much needed spiritual boost.Thank you and God bless.

  6. James L. Lunn

    Hello, what animation martial art flicks should i show my students. I have a young group coming in so i think movies will help their focus and interest in the art.

    James L. Lunn
    Concord, N.C.

  7. Shine It

    kung fu newbie here. was wondering if you could help me identify a movie i saw in part. details I remember are that the father was a rich shopowner, chained himself to his money, then burned to death in a fire. vengeful son then went to live with a couple in the country. a fight scene i remember is in a bar and there is a paint brush with black ink swinging on a rope and the loser gets inked kung fu style

  8. Thao

    Hi Ric,

    Can you please share with me what Jim Kelly told you after that interview you had with him regarding who Bruce sparred with. He may have not mentioned any names, but I would love to know what Mr. Kelly told you. Mr. Kelly was too much of a gentleman, and he had so much respect for other martial artist to talk about it during the show. Anything about Bruce would be so nice. Thank you and I enjoy your videos .

  9. Raj

    Hey Ric, I wanted to let you know about a Bollywood martial arts/action movie opening May 23rd. The lead actor is the son of a big star and this is his debut. He’s a martial artist and cites Bruce Lee as his biggest influence. Indian films tend to be lacking in the martial arts department, so I’m looking forward to this. Bollywood movies tend to get good sized releases in the U.S. so it shouldn’t be hard to find.

    And some behind the scenes here:


  10. Walter

    You ok, guy? You’re not here at Fanime so It’s like the sky is falling. I’m the chubby guy with the wife in the wheelchair.

  11. Steve Plotkin

    Hi Ric,

    I enjoyed your presentation on Ping Shuai at the Scholars Garden last weeked. You mentioned that you did this exercise for 30 minutes/day and each 10 minute period had benefits. Would you remind me of what happens during each of these time periods? I added some Pring Shuai to my practice this am and enjoyed it. Thought it would also be great for someone who is elderly or has physical limitations. Thanks again!


  12. Steve

    Hi Ric! Your pic of you and Kara leave me wanting more info, looks like it was taken in the 90’s, and not on some studio lot, did you just bump into her? Was it an interview- tell us more! Also, you met her and talked to her, what is her personality like? Is she a career oriented tomboy, or a hard working gal that the guys don’t feel nervous around? I need a “guys” perspective on this, since I’m unlikely to meet her myself—Thanks.

  13. Alexander Miller

    Hello Ric Meyers!

    I am a fan of your work, and your contributions to Kung-Fu/wuxia films is monumental, your commentaries have re-watch value. You can’t say that about too many people. Anyway I too am an avid lover of Kung-Fu films and Hong Kong action cinema in general.
    I submit articles for (great site, awesome content) and I’m working on a resource piece titles “HIstory of Hong Kong Action CInema” and I’m just getting into the Shaw Brothers, HK new wave time span now. I broke the piece into decades so it starts in the silent era and so on.

    It would be an honor if you checked out the website, and read my article!
    I hope you enjoy it, and keep up the great work!


  14. Edward

    I have read all of your Ninja Master from my teenage years on. I love how you ended the last book. I own a complete set. My question is any plans on doing more? I would like to see how the family is now years after.

    Thank You

  15. andy

    hi Ric,

    just watched your interview with Jim Kelly where he mentions about Bruce Lee sparring with ‘certain people’! Any chance you can spill the beans? Im sure there are many of us who are really nosy and want to know ! I concur that probably Chuck Norris was one of them? His ego seems way too big for him to ever admit to being whipped by Bruce, when it is obvious to anyone really that he would never have had a chance against Bruce, even just in sparring!Come on Ric please spill the beans! Pretty please 🙂

  16. Michael

    Hey Ric,

    Hey, I saw you a couple of times at your Kung Fu Superhero Extravagana at Comicon late last decade and they were definitely amongst the highlights of my trips. I’m just now starting to get into Kung Fu movies largely due to another friend and I was wondering about a few things I recall you talking about at what I think was your 2007 presentation. I remember you showing a clip of Pedicab Driver. I recall you mentioning that there was some award that was then recently given out to Kung Fu movies and Pedicab Driver was one of them. I was wondering if you recalled which award it was, since I’d like to find the other movies. Also, there were two other clips I recall and I was wondering if you knew which movies they came from. The first involved two people dueling it out with chopsticks and the second involved what you called “a grittier Jackie Chan” in what I think was a warehouse. Thanks a ton.