I’m often (ok, occasionally) asked how many books I’ve written and/or contributed to. So, given the website, I might as well put this question to bed. Here’s most of them (someday I may add the remaining bits and pieces).

And while I’m at it, I might as well throw in my magazine, consulting, and performing work as well.


The Destroyer #1: Created the Destroyer (Afterword)

The Destroyer #25: Sweet Dreams

The Destroyer #27: The Last Temple

The Destroyer #29: The Final Death

The Destroyer #88: The Ultimate Death (1st draft only)

The Incredible Hulk: Cry of the Beast

Doomstar (Carlyle Communications)

Doomstar II (Carlyle Communication)

Dirty Harry #1: Duel for Cannons

Dirty Harry #3: The Long Death

Dirty Harry #5: Family Skeletons

Dirty Harry #8: Hatchet Men

Dirty Harry #9: The Killing Connection

Dirty Harry #11: Death in the Air

Ninja Master #2: Mountain of Fear

Ninja Master #4: Million Dollar Massacre

Ninja Master #6: Death’s Door

Ninja Master #8: Only the Good Die

Year of the Ninja Master #1: Dragon Rising

Year of the Ninja Master #2: Lion’s Fire

Year of the Ninja Master #3: Serpent’s Eye

Year of the Ninja Master #4: Phoenix Sword

War of the Ninja Master #1: The Kohga Ritual

War of the Ninja Master #2: The Shibo Discipline

War of the Ninja Master #3: The Himitsu Attack

War of the Ninja Master #4: The Zakka Slaughter

Mac Wingate #4: Mission Code Granite Island

Mac Wingate #6: Mission Code Snow Queen

Mac Wingate #8: Mission Code Volcano

Mac Wingate #10: Mission Code Survival

Mac Wingate #11: Mission Code Scorpion

Doomstar (Questar)

Return to Doomstar (Questar)

Book of the Undead #1: Fear Itself

Book of the Undead #2: Living Hell

Book of the Undead #3: Worst Nightmare

Flesh & Blood: Dark Desires (short story)

Zorro and the Jaguar Warriors (last third)

Caribbean Blues (2 chapters)

Dick Tracy: The Secret Files (short story)

Dungeons & Dragons Forgotten Realms: Murder in Halruaa.


TV Superstars

Movies on Movies

The Illustrated Soap Opera Companion

The World of Fantasy Films

TV Detectives

For One Week Only: The World of Exploitation Films

The Great Science Fiction Films

Martial Arts Movies: From Bruce Lee to the Ninjas

Murder on the Air: Televisions Great Mystery Series

Great Martial Arts Movies: from Bruce Lee to Jackie Chan and More

Films of Fury: The Kung Fu Movie Book

Contributing/Consulting Editor & Contributor

Seaboard Periodicals/Atlas Comics (1974-1975)

Millimeter (1976-1977)

Starlog (1977-1979)

Fangoria (Head Writer, 1979)

Alien movie tie-in magazine (Head Writer, 1979)

Meteor movie tie-in magazine (Head Writer, 1979)

Moonraker movie tie-in magazine (Head Writer, 1979)

Famous Monsters of Filmland (1980-1981)

Videogaming Illustrated (1983-1984)

The Armchair Detective (1985-1995)

Inside Kung-Fu (1990-2011)

Asian Cult Cinema (1997-2010)

DirecTV the Guide (2003-2007)

Weekly World News (2005-2007)

Special Media Consultant

Picturmedia Limited (New York, 1974-1976)

Ocean Shores Limited (Hong Kong, 1985-1986)

CBS Television (Studio City CA, 1985-1986)

Channel X Limited (London UK, 1988-1989)

Columbo (ABC-TV, L.A. CA, 1989-1990)

Tai Seng Video Marketing (San Francisco CA, 1990 – 2006)

A&E Biography (New York, 2001-2004)

Bravo Profiles (New York, 2002)

Starz Encore Channel (2002)

Emperor Movie Group (Hong Kong, 2001-2003)

Celestial Pictures/Shaw Brothers Studio (Hong Kong, 2001-2002)

DreamWorks SKG (Burbank CA, 2005)

Sony/Columbia/Tristar Pictures (New York, 2004-2005)

Crash Media Group (New York, 2005-2006)

Nickelodeon Studios (2009)

Staff Writer

The Greenwich Workshop (fine art publisher, 1991-1997)

TV & Radio Personality

Cablevision The Fairfield Exchange pop culture critic (Norwalk CT, 1997-1998)

WELI AM pop culture critic (New Haven CT, 1998-1999)


Medieval Times (“King Alphonso,” 2003-2004)