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Ric & Infamous 9/9

The hope never dies because we all know how talented Jackie Chan is. But with each successive film, the disappointment grows … because we all know how talented Jackie Chan is. I, for one, hit the fast forward button and take what pleasures I can from his increasingly defuse, and obtuse, filmography, all the while
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Ric & Infamous 6/9

Okay, we’ve let some time go by, during which I was able to watch it three times with a variety of friends, so it’s finally time to review Red Cliff 2 minus the veil of hope and desire. Despite its shortcomings, I still enjoy Red Cliff 1, and thought it made a fine anticipatory ramp
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Ric & Infamous 3/9

It was the best of three months, it was the worst of three months. An insider friend of mine tells me that a full seventy percent of Hong Kong film workers are unemployed, which is certainly reflected in the frequency and quality of the once vital industry’s output. Meanwhile, in this neck of the woods,
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