San Diego Comic Con Kung Fu Extravaganza Playlist 2012

The San Diego Comic Con Superhero Kung Fu Extravaganza has been great every year, but this 15th anniversary year was even more special, because it was great for several new reasons. It was the first time I had definitely scheduled guest stars — six rather than the one or two I have previously presented –
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The Art of Fight Direction

One of the great experiences of my life, in or out of comic cons and film fests, was when I was invited to participate on “The Art of Fight Direction” panel at 2011’s ActionFest in Asheville, North Carolina. There I got to share the stage (or, to be more accurate, the floor) with Michael Jai
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Ric in Action (Fest)!

I was delighted to be invited to ActionFest 2011 last year, where I snuck-peeked the work print of Films of Fury: The Kung Fu Movie Movie. I was also honored to meet the great Colin Geddes, film lover and fest programmer extraordinaire, and talk with some of the industry’s best action choreographers and stuntmen —
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Aviles Festival Gallery

The Aviles Festival of International Comic Arts, or, as they put it, Jornadas Internacionales Del Comic Villa De Aviles, is a wonderful event, full of great spirit and inspiring energy, as well as food, drink, and artists from all over Europe and America. I knew it from the moment I arrived, because, from the moment
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Not to worry. Even I’m of two minds about these kind of posts. I mean, who cares what kind of fun I had in San Diego this year? I mean, really. Even so, I can’t contain my excitement and hope these memories will be entertaining, interesting, or even inspiring. After all, if I can do
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Meyers in Motion: SDCC Editions

Hey all. Just got back from the San Diego Comic Con and publicity for my film and books in LA. Until I get bloganized, here’s a couple of clips to stun, amaze, and frighten you.

Who Wants to Get Married?

Not to me, by me! Yes, I officially made it through my first marriage ceremony with nary a swoon, sunstroke, or slip. I’d like to thank Sarah and Sean, the new Mr. & Mrs. Daily (see below), for the confidence in, and opportunity for, me. We were also mentioned in the New York Times (!
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