For One Week Only

For One Week Only book coverIn 1983, a small textbook publisher decided to get into the mainstream market in a big way. Their tickets to ride? A lavish, full color book on the making of the Oscar-winning movie Gandhi … and an energetic homage to the grindhouse movies of the past three decades.

In Search of Gandhi was written by the film’s director, Sir Richard Attenborough, and was as meticulously produced as the film itself. But the For One Week Only: The World of Exploitation Films manuscript was slapped between two dull, unimaginative covers.

In Search of Gandhi was lovingly presented to bookstores on bended knee. For One Week Only was dumped.

For One Week Only sold out — accompanied by rave reviews from magazines as diverse as People, Film Comment, and The National Enquirer. In Search of Gandhi tanked, taking the textbook publisher with it.

In the intervening decades, the information and illustrations in For One Week Only lay dormant, unsullied by any other author. Never again would its joys be contained in a book ….

Until now.

Lovingly revised, updated, and repackaged, F.O.W.O. has risen, suitably, from the grave. Featuring a new illustration by world-famous artist Chris Browne (Hagar the Horrible, Playboy, The National Lampoon), award-winning writer Ric Meyers hopes to give his book the life he feels it always deserved.

“Sure, Gandhi was a great movie,” he says. “But, come on, who can forget 2000 Maniacs? No one who saw it, that’s for sure.”

But, unlike Gandhi, few have seen the movies Meyers explores in his book — not only making it an entertaining and illuminating exploration of a beloved genre but an invaluable testament to a lost “art.”

“To tell you the truth, reading about these movies is better than seeing them,” Meyers admits. “My pain is your pleasure. You’re welcome.”

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