Films of Fury: The Kung Fu Movie Book

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Films of Fury: The Kung Fu Movie Book cover

“Ric Meyers is America’s leading expert on Asian action films.” – The Boston Globe

“Ric Meyers is one of the men most responsible for the acceptance of kung fu films and its stars in America.” – Rim Films

From Bruce Lee to James Bond, Jackie Chan to Jet Li, Enter the Dragon to Kung Fu Panda, Crouching Tiger to the newest “Karate” Kid, kung fu films remain a thrilling part of movie-lovers’ lives.

Now World Martial Art Hall of Fame inductee, award-winning author, Kung Fu Panda consultant, and the acknowledged pioneer in the genre presents his magnum opus on the subject, incorporating information and revelations never before seen in America.

In more than three hundred and fifty pages, Meyers reveals:

  • the one man Bruce Lee was not able to defeat…
  • the one mistake every American kung fu filmmaker makes…
  • what makes Jackie Chan run and why he can’t be beat…
  • the greatest woman kung fu warrior of all time…
  • why kung fu became gun fu…
  • what kung fu actually is (and, maybe more importantly, what it isn’t)…
  • and even how kung fu films could save your life!

From its ancient Peking Opera origins to its superhero-powered future, Ric Meyers reveals the loony, the legendary, and everything in between.

Filled with exclusive interviews, shrewd reviews, and unique insights, this vivid, action-packed book may delight, surprise, fascinate, and even enlighten you with a personal V.I.P. tour through the wondrous world of the most ridiculously exhilarating movies ever made.

Films of Fury: The Kung Fu Movie Book is the official basis for, and expansion of, Ric Meyers’ script for the 2011 film documentary Films of Fury: The Kung Fu Movie Movie (

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