Xtina Marks the Spot!


I have been honored to work with great artists my entire career. It started with Atlas Comics back in 1973, continued through my work with science-fiction book cover luminaries, and extended to my collaborations with The Greenwich Workshop – America’s leading limited edition fine art publisher.

In that time, I was flattered whenever these great artists decided to paint me into the picture. It began with Howard Nostrand (, who made me my hero’s armorer in the Atlas Comic book Targitt (Howard also threw a knife through my shoe — between my toes — but that’s another story) in the 1970s.


In the 80s, Chris Hanther, who created the “Sunday style,” adult-oriented fantasy comic book Tandra ( made me “Linc Barintine,” a blunt, reluctant participant in the adventures.


As you can see in the Gallery of this very website (, the great fantasy artist James C. Christensen snuck me into The Ogre’s Birthday during his wonderful book, The Voyage of the Basset.


And Chris(topher K.) Browne, best known for his work on he internationally famous comic strip Hagar the Horrible, has caricatured me many times.

But almost all of this, as you might notice, was before my “big beard” era. Whoever thought that, in the new century, I would become the unexpected muse of one of the most talented, and beautiful, artists I’ve ever met? Certainly not me. For whatever reason, Kristina Krati, a young, Greek-borne talent, has now created a full half-dozen portraits of me … as only she can.


The first full-color images came to celebrate my Kung Fu Panda consultation, and, once filtered through her amazing imagination, took on their unique presentations.


But now, to celebrate my new podcast, Prof. Ric’s Action Film Autopsy (, she decided to do a full three more that have come as a delightful surprise.


Although I don’t smoke, I think this one is from how she perceives my monologues.


This was accompanied by her sly little note: “I hear you don’t like ninjas…!”


But this final part of the new trilogy was most surprising and delightful. Me as my idol The Ice King from Adventure Time.

This is just skimming the surface of her talent and ability. For more, be sure to check out her galleries here and there, while I wait for her to find time in her busy art and non-art schedules to complete work on our top secret collaboration. When it’s ready, believe me, I’ll let you know.

But until then, here’s a treasured self-portrait she did of us both. Yes, I’m king … but who’s clearly the boss chef?