C4 Part 3

Some of my fondest memories (lunching with both William Shatner and Jonathan Frakes, punching Kevin Sorbo in the face, etc.) come courtesy of the Central Canada Comic Con, otherwise known as C4.

This is C4

Well, thanks to some appreciated oversight, they’ve invited me back a third time, so even though you’d think Winnipeg has had its fill of exploitation and kung fu film books/movies, I’m using their literal ticket to ride to get a Halloween head start on spreading the autographed joy of Santa in at least one spot of the great white north.

SantaConfidential FullCover

I’m also looking forward to adding to my own joy by hobnobbing with faves from Doctor Who, Star Wars, Star Trek, Buffy, Dragon Ball, Power Rangers, Pokemon, and many other comic and book greats (get a load of this guest list:

Buffy Who

So if you happen to be in or near Winnipeg this weekend, and would love to learn all about kung fu and/or Santa Claus (who are surprisingly similar), stop by the Convention Center … I mean Centre (Forget it Ric, it’s Canada). For much more information, check this out:

This is C4 words