Martial Arts in Media Summer 2015

So there I am, clutching a box of chocolate-covered peanuts, feeling like a kid at a Saturday matinee, waiting for Mission Impossible Rogue Nation to whisk me away for a globe-hopping, action-packed joyride — when, right there on the big, modified Imax screen, comes the production company title cards. Sure, there was J.J. Abrams’ Bad
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Mohegan Sunning @ ComiConn!

Hey, anybody remember seeing me at the Trumbull Connecticut ComiConn a couple years back? Well, it (and I) have grown since then, so it is coming back at the amazing Mohegan Sun Convention Center and Uncas Ballroom in Uncasville, CT, and so am I (but only on Sunday, August 16th, starting at 10am). I’ll bring
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My Kickstarter is … Live!

As advertised on the Comedy Film Nerds podcast, my oft-threatened Kickstarter campaign to finance a permanent library of interviews with the great kung fu filmmakers (before it’s too late) is running from August 1 to August 31st. Go … There … Now! Thank you. Manzou!

Attack of the Comedy Film Nerds!

Well, if the San Diego Comic Con has just passed, can my annual appearance on the Comedy Film Nerds be far behind? That’s an easy question. So, if you want to hear me babble about the state of fight scenes and Asian action cinema — while stand-up comics, writers, and filmmakers Graham Elwood and Chris
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