Museum of the Moving Films of Fury!


I was going to be all cool and laid-back about this, but I can’t contain my excitement.

On September 26th, at 7pm, the ultra-great Museum of the Moving Image in Astoria, Queens, NYC (easy to reach via N or R subway) is allowing me to present an interactive screening of Films of Fury: The Kung Fu Movie Movie in one of their beautiful, high-tech cinemas as part of Warrington Hudlin’s (that’s him backing me up in the photo five paragraphs below) Fist and Sword Series.

FoF MoMI copy

What’s an interactive screening? Well, it’s a cultured way of saying that we can Mystery Science Theater 3000 or RiffTrax or Cinematic Titanic this sucka … which is a popcul way of saying that everybody can shout back at the screen, or me (don’t worry about it … I’ll be doing plenty of barking too).

But is that the only reason I’m giddy? Oh, no. Just wait, there’s more.

First, come early. The screening comes as part of the entrance price ($12), and the Museum is a maze ink. The Chuck Jones exhibit is worth more than twice the price alone (


Second, bring your friends and loved ones, especially the kung-ignorant. The main feedback I’ve gotten from previous Films of Fury screenings (at North Carolina’s Action Fest and the San Diego Comic Con) was “Thanks! Now my wife/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend/son/daughter/father/mother knows why I love this stuff!”

Third, I’m going to be hungry/thirsty before and after, and there’s some great places to gather just down the street (which, in turn, is just down the street from the Astoria movie/TV studios where they filmed 30 Rock, Nurse Jackie, and many others).

Ric & Warrington

Fourth, I’ll have copies of the book and DVD available for autographing at a special sale price (and yes, I take credit cards … I even give ’em back).

So facetweet me at RicMeyers or email me at if you want to share refreshments or have a Museum guide. One way or another, I’m going to have a very good time!

For more info, click here:

Hope to see you there (I’ll be the one with the nervous sh*t-eat*ng gr*n)!

MoMI FoF copy