I’m “in” EW!

Just a FYI:

I’m in Entertainment Weekly #1234 (how’s that for numerically pleasing?) — the “Future of Star Wars” issue, of all things.

I suppose I could suggest that you look for me, but I hardly noticed myself the first two times I skimmed through.

I’m in the “Feedback” letters column (page six), tsp-tsking them for a blthe oversight in their 007 coverage. The letter is pretty much what I wrote verbatim, and it even rated a reply. I’m so proud.

It’s not the first letter of mine EW has published … after all those years editing letter columns for comic and magazine companies I could pretty much write one that would attract an assistant’s eye in my sleep.

But still, I’m pleased to be included. Now if only they’d review one of my books or films!?