Films of Fury DVDelay

I know, I know…!

I saw the huge lines outside all the DVD stores this morning, stretching back blocks — all the fans cosplaying their kung fu film favorites:

Bruce Lee in Game of Death,
Lo Lieh as Pei Mei in Executioners from Shaolin,
Gordon Liu as Pei Mei in Kill Bill Part 2,
Jackie Chan from Drunken Master,
Jet Li from Once Upon a Time in China and Hero,
Angela Mao from Enter the Dragon,
Chow Yun-fat from Hard Boiled,
Michelle Yeoh from Tomorrow Never Dies,
Zhang Ziyi from Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
Uma Thurman as the Bride in Bruce Lee’s Game of Death jumpsuit from Kill Bill Part 1…

Yes, yes, all of them, and more!

But I had to tell them as I am now telling all of you … Films of Fury: The Kung Fu Movie Movie, which was announced to be released on DVD today, is now going back to its previously announced original release date of May 1, 2012.

So, please, everyone, go home relax, don’t worry. You can still find it via Video On Demand on Cox, Comcast, Cablevision, and Insight cable systems until you can start lining up again in late April….