Aviles Festival Gallery

The Aviles Festival of International Comic Arts, or, as they put it, Jornadas Internacionales Del Comic Villa De Aviles, is a wonderful event, full of great spirit and inspiring energy, as well as food, drink, and artists from all over Europe and America. I knew it from the moment I arrived, because, from the moment
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I’m no Kreskin

Well, that’s why I’m no Kreskin, and so very rarely amazing. Way back on August 2nd, I went out on a limb to predict how the first episode of the post-CharlieSheen Two and a Half Men would play out. Wrooooonnng! Although there was a welcome honest moment between Jon Cryer’s character and the urn of
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Mike and Tim and Ric oh my

Again, while I was in Spain at the wonderful Aviles Festival of Comic Art, my looooong talk on The Mike and Tim Show? (sic) podcast plopped (not to be confused with The Mike and Tim religious show, the Mike n Tim show, the Tim and Mike Show, nor the Tom and Mike Show…really, all these
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Crave (Me) Online?!

While I was in Spain at the magnificent Aviles Festival of Comic Art, my interview was posted at Crave Online. Take a look if you want to see what babbling looks like in print. It’s at: http://www.craveonline.com/film/interviews/174416-ric-meyers-on-films-of-fury-the-kung-fu-movie-book

More Me in Print, on Line, in Ear.

Busy fortnight. According to reporter Lewis Beale, I’ll be quoted in his article about the new Shaolin movie featuring Jackie Chan in the Washington Post on, of all days, September 11, 2011. But you can check it out anytime at: http://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/style/popular-shaolin-films-blend-martial-arts-buddhist-spirituality/2011/08/14/gIQA0KsGFK_story.html Then, later that week, an interview with me conducted by William “Bibbs” Bibbiani, is
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Martial Arts in Media: Sept. 2011

Chinese movie theater construction is growing exponentially, so, happily, more features are appearing faster, but with the gutting of the industry through bootlegging, great films are still few and far between. To compensate, well-meaning filmmakers are indulging themselves, resulting in watchable, if not wonderful, efforts. Nowhere is that better exemplified than in Bangkok Knockout, one
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