San Diego Comic Conned

A wide variety of “noose medea” sources have recently been crowing about how the Hollywood Studios are abandoning the 2011 San Diego Comic Con.

May I say from the bottom of my heart: “well, duh.”

Having presented my SDCC Superhero Kungfu Extravaganza for more than fourteen years now, I’ve been witness to the orgy of excess that has accompanied tinseltown’s San Diego beach head:

Requisitioning an entire park for Mummy 3: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor?

Slathering a gigantic display across entire sides of beachfront hotels for Skyline?!

You’d think that by the size, scope, and cost of these presentations that the films they were trumpeting would actually be good, wouldn’t you?

But, of course, nooooooo.

It’s obvious from the shoddy, pandering, actual movies that the LA marketing geniuses thought they had 150,000 cat lovers … you know, those people who would buy anything as long as it had a feline on or near it. Those folk, apparently, are the modern day marketing mother lode.

So now the geniuses are keeping their balls, staying home, licking their wounds, and sniffing about the 150,000 mean-spirited “gerds” (angry geek/nerds: pronounced “grrrrrrrrerds”) who won’t simply smile and swallow the cinematic castor oil that were the aforementioned films, not to mention The Spirit, Daredevil, Elektra, Fantastic Four, Green Hornet, Green Lantern, several aptly named Punishers, and untold others.

Yes, anyone who has any presence in the entertainment world is well aware of the lurking gerds, but as a veteran SDCCer, that’s not who is chasing/scaring away the big bad studio wolf. Basically, every year in July, the San Diego Convention Center is filled with that kid.

What kid? You know, THAT kid. The one over there, standing beside the royal parade. The one who’s pointing and calmly, clearly, and correctly saying that the (dragon) emperor isn’t wearing any clothes.

Bad media marketers HATE that kid, and are pretending s/he doesn’t exist. I, for one, say “fine.” Don’t give us sour cream and say it’s ice cream. At least castor oil does you some good. That’s more than I can say for AMC’s remake of The Prisoner (which was also aggressively touted at SDCC).