Not to worry. Even I’m of two minds about these kind of posts. I mean, who cares what kind of fun I had in San Diego this year? I mean, really. Even so, I can’t contain my excitement and hope these memories will be entertaining, interesting, or even inspiring. After all, if I can do
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Meyers in Motion: SDCC Editions

Hey all. Just got back from the San Diego Comic Con and publicity for my film and books in LA. Until I get bloganized, here’s a couple of clips to stun, amaze, and frighten you.

See Me on Sunset Boulevard

Going to be in Los Angles Tuesday July 26th? Know about the internationally famous Meltdown Comics store at 7522 Sunset Boulevard ( Heard of Chris Hardwick, host of Web Soup, purveyor of the Nerdist podcast (and now TV series pilot)? Well, he’s instituted a Nerdist Space at Meltdown Comics, who are allowing just about anyone
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Dirty Harry Potter

With the creation of Dracula, Sherlock Holmes, Lord of the Rings, James Bond, Doctor Who, and now Harry Potter, the UK has taken its place as the center of the popcul world. Heck, even Shakespeare, often taught as culture with a capital “C” is actually popcul at its finest: what with old Will’s ghost stories,
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San Diego Comic Conned

A wide variety of “noose medea” sources have recently been crowing about how the Hollywood Studios are abandoning the 2011 San Diego Comic Con. May I say from the bottom of my heart: “well, duh.” Having presented my SDCC Superhero Kungfu Extravaganza for more than fourteen years now, I’ve been witness to the orgy of
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