ActionFest = Awesome

As plans for the premiere of the documentary Films of Fury: The Kung Fu Movie Movie continue, producer Tom Coleman was told about ActionFest, a film festival that started only last year. Set in the bucolic bluegrass hills of Asheville, North Carolina — the Austin of NC — it’s a burgeoning event with loads of
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See Me @ I-Con

Back from ActionFest in Asheville NC (grrrr-ate … see separate post on that supercool experience) and on to I-Con at Stony Brook University from April 15 – 17 ( I’ll have my new book in the dealer’s room/artist’s alley (not sure which yet), and they’ve already scheduled me for six, count ’em, six panels. I’ll
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Car Crash Culture

As I read/see all the stuff that passes for “Medea Nooz” now — pandering, superficial, agitation-mongering, biased, playing-to-the-easiest-lunatic-fringe-with-the-most-ready-cash prattling– I recalled the delight some French friends exhibited when they discovered the term “rubbernecking.” They thought it was great that Americans actually had a word to identify the drivers unaffected by a car accident who still
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Ooo, I got an e-book!

Got an iPad, iPhone, Kindle, or similar reader? Don’t want to spend a whopping $14.99 for my new book, Films of Fury: The Kung Fu Movie Book? Well, head on over to the link below and get the e-book version for a mere $8. Jiminy, at that price I might get one myself…!