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Hey there. I’m author/writer/editor/ consultant/professor/lecturer/ performer [see name above] who’s been honored to be assistant editor for Atlas Comics, contribute to best-selling The Destroyer paperback series (which inspired the Remo Williams movie), act as associate editor for Starlog, Fangoria, and Famous Monster magazines, serve as New York animation editor for Millimeter magazine, become a long-running columnist for The Armchair Detective magazine, and go on to write a bunch of novels (The Incredible Hulk: Cry of the Beast, Doomstar, Fear Itself, Dirty Harry: Duel for Cannons, Year of the Ninja Master, Dungeons & Dragons Forgotten Realms: Murder in Halruua, among others) and award-winning non-fiction media books (TV Detectives, Murder on the Air, The Great Science Fiction Films, The World of Fantasy Films, etc.).

Then, in 1978, I discovered kung fu movies. Finding no credible books on the subject, I wrote it myself. Perfect timing. From then on my career alternated between other fun writing/editing projects and alerting the world to the joys of “apres-Bruce” kung fu. So, since then, I became a long-term columnist for Inside Kung Fu and Asian Cult Cinema magazines, served as inspiration, consultant, and/or talking head for TV shows and movies about martial arts media from America, through Europe, to Asia, supplied audio commentaries, interviews, liner notes, and/or cover copy to more than 300 international DVDs, led seminars at colleges, pop culture conventions, studios, and networks, and been inducted into five worldwide martial art halls of fame.

Once the web age started (reportedly I’m only the second author in my region to have bought a computer way back when), I’ve almost gotten a site up a few times, only to watch it sink into the net (I’ve always maintained that the “www” stood for Wild Wild West). But now that I have two new(ish) books and a movie coming out, I figured it was about time to actually make this happen.

So welcome. In the coming minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and years, Team Ric will endeavor to make your visit(s) fun, interesting, evolving, and even involving. Here, inshallah, you’ll find, news, views, reviews, and interviews of all things Me(yers) and friends.

So take a look around, buy my books, explore, buy my books, enjoy, buy my books, and come back anytime.

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